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Dohle is a privately owned German company who have been manufacturing sewing machines for over 140 years, the current range includes rail mounted machines for joining the heaviest of carpets and high pile substrates.

The quality of the sewing that joins one roll of material to the next as part of a continuous manufacturing process cannot be underestimated. Production lines in both the textile and carpet manufacturing industries are expected to operate non-stop and so the choice of the most suitable machine to join one roll to the next is governed by several factors.

· Substrate construction & thickness

· Line speed and accumulation capacity, which together determine the time available to join one roll to the next.

· Web width.

Texserve UK Ltd can help ensure the correct specification of machine is chosen, arrange sewing trials and fully commission a new machine once on-site. A full maintenance and spare parts service is then available along with the supply of sewing thread specified to meet the demands of individual applications.

Monti Mac is an Italian machinery manufacturer who now includes the hand held, table and rail mounted sewing machines formerly known as “ELCU’s”, in their machinery portfolio.

Portable low voltage chain & butt stich sewing machines offer flexibility and versatility allowing materials to be sewn together in places where a rail or table mounted machine cannot access.

A hand held sewing machine can also be used in multiple locations reducing the number of machines required.

Texserve back up the sales of Monti Mac sewing machines with a fully stocked spare parts department and an on-site service/ repair facility.

Sewing thread
To complement the sale of sewing machines, Texserve stock a wide range of sewing threads that have been developed to ensure trouble free sewing in a variety of applications